Information About School Closure 2020 for Current Before & After Camp Parents

1. If your child will NOT be attending a week of the school closure camp, we will need an email letting us know that he/she will not be attending (and the period of time they will not be attending). If this email is received by 10am on Monday, we will reduce your regular weekly fee by 50%. Emails need to be sent to


2. If we do not receive an EMAIL notification by 10am Monday, you will be charged your regular weekly fee as we will assume that your child will be coming at some point during the week. If you let us know that your child will not be attending until school is back in session, we will reduce your weekly fee by 50% for the remainder of the closure.

3. We understand that due to the unprecedented circumstances, some people are working from home or completely out of work due to the COVID-19 virus, which is the reason for the option to reduce your weekly childcare fees by 50% as well as the reduced rate for Weekly drop-ins. This is an effort to help out with any financial hardships that families my be facing while being able to maintain our staff, utilities, rent and other costs associated with running a quality childcare program.


4. If your child WILL be attending the school closure camp, you will be charged your regular weekly fee as well as a drop in rate.


Weekly Drop-In Rate:

$150/week (includes your 50% off weekly fee)

Daily Drop-In Rates:

$50 per day (includes your 50% off weekly fee)

If you have any questions regarding these updated policies, please feel free to give us a call at (919)550-3262

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Call Us: 919-550-3262   /   /  72 Coats Commercial Dr. Garner, NC 27529

We do not offer Refunds or Returns for our services and/or products